Dr. Raymond Chang of the Meridian Medical Group in New York is internationally recognized as a pioneer in alternative and unconventional cancer treatments and has been at the forefront of various immunotherapies for cancer including the use of Dendritic Cell therapy in collaboration with the Institut of Tumor Therapie in Germany. One result of their collaboration is their recent presentation at the Annual American Society of Clinical Oncology conference on the Use of Dendritic Cell Therapy to treat inoperable pancreas and gall bladder cancer.

Dr. Chang can review individual cases and assist in individualizing treatment options with Dendritic Cell Therapy as well as assist in all matters pertinent to consenting, testing, and optimal logistical preparation and scheduling of patients to enroll in the most up-to-date Dendritic Cell Therapy program.

Dr. Chang can be reached via email or by phone +12126832111 or by mail at Meridian Medical Group, 102 E30th St., New York, NY 10016 USA.

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