News Archive (2006 and earlier)

  1. Sep 14th, 2006
    New England Journal reports on dendritic treatment for melanoma
  2. Sep 7th, 2006
    Northwest Biotherapeutics Receives FDA Clearance for Lung Cancer Trial
  3. May 27th, 2006
    Vaccines usher in new season of hope. Cancer researchers are on a search-and-destroy mission to fight
  4. Apr 2nd, 2006
    A new “super institute” created by merging two key Victorian medical research
  5. Aug 2nd , 2005
    Northwest Biotherapeutics Announces Appointment of Paul Zeltzer, MD as Medical Director
  6. May 13th, 2005
    A new therapeutic vaccine revolutionizes patients’ fight with the illness 
  7. Apr 17th, 2005
    New Frontiers in Oncology, Conference in Cambridge, UK, September 
  8. Jan 31st, 2005
    Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. to Initiate Phase III Clinical Trial for Prostate Cancer
  9. Oct 20th, 2004
    Introgen’s INGN 225 Therapy Demonstrates Powerful New Combined DC Approach to Cancer 
  10. Sep 30th, 2004
    Aastrom Biosciences Awarded NIH Grant for Study to Enhance Dendritic Cell- Based Cancer 
  11. Sep 29th, 2004
    A novel gene (designated PHOR-1) that is highly over-expressed in prostate and other cancers 
  12. Aug 29th, 2004
    The body’s defence system recognises harmful invaders much quicker than previously
  13. Jun 23rd, 2004
    New Weapon Against Pancreatic Cancer Found
  14. Jun 18th, 2004
    Small interfering RNA can enhance Th1 immune response
  15. Jun 09th, 2004
    Patients’ cells used to attack cancer
  16. May 26th, 2004
    Dendritic cell vaccine quells GI tumors in mice 
  17. May 24th, 2004
    New technology blocks gene to increase immune response against deadly brain tumor cells
  18. Apr 04th, 2004
    Duke Scientists Overcome Immune Resistance In Dendritic Cell Vaccines For Cancer
  19. Mar 17th, 2004
    Dendritic cells can be manipulated to induce specific antitumor response
  20. Jan 18th, 2004
    Cancer vaccine helps locals But the treatment is only available in Argentina–
  21. Jan 16th, 2004
    Telomerase pulsed dendritic cells could aid renal cell carcinoma immunotherapy
  22. Nov 05th, 2003
    Melanoma vaccine with GM-CSF elicits strong response in phase II trial
  23. Sep 10th, 2003
    Uric acid is principal mediator of immune response after tissue damage
  24. Aug 22nd, 2003
    New genetic technique can generate hybrid cancer vaccines
  25. Jun 27th, 2003
    Lentiviral vaccine injection transduces DCs, elicits T-cell response in mice
  26. Jun 02nd, 2003
    Cancer vaccine shows promise in phase I human trial
  27. Mar 25th, 2003
    Mature dendritic cells in breast tumors linked to improved survival
  28. Mar 14th, 2003
    Intratumoral dendritic cell vaccination prolongs survival in rat glioma
  29. Jan 09th, 2003
    Success reported in early trial of melanoma gene therapy vaccine
  30. Dec 12th, 2002
    SABCS: Dendritic Vaccine Shows Promise for Metastatic Breast Cancer
  31. Nov 25th, 2002
    Autologous dendritic cell-based immunotherapy tested in childhood cancer
  32. Oct 02nd, 2002
    Dendritic cell therapy after low-dose chemotherapy induces potent tumor-specific immunity
  33. Mar 27th, 2002
    Idiotype-pulsed dendritic cell vaccination can induce regression of B-cell NHL
  34. Mar 26th, 2002
    In vivo manipulation of dendritic cells induces immunity in mice
  35. Mar 12th, 2002
    Dendritic cells engraftment rapidly follows hematopoietic cell transplantation
  36. Feb 06th, 2002
    Prolonging antigen presentation on dendritic cells enhances antitumor immunity
  37. Dec 24th, 2001
    In situ dendritic-cell tumor vaccine uses subcutaneous chemotactic implant
  38. Oct 2001
    Dendritic Cells Proving Key to Prostate Cancer Immunotherapy
  39. Aug 20th, 2001
    HER2-transduced dendritic cells generate T killer and Th cell clones
  40. May 27th, 2001
    Dendritic Cell Vaccine Helps Fight Children’s Cancer
  41. May 17th, 2001
    Tumor cell vaccine safe for patients with non-small-cell lung cancer
  42. May 15th, 2001
    Cancer vaccine shows promise against colorectal cancer
  43. Feb 23rd, 2001
    Dendritic cell vaccines may improve cancer immunotherapy
  44. Jan 31st, 2001
    New dendritic cell vaccine elicits beneficial immune response in glioma patients
  45. Sep 04th, 2000
    Fused ovarian cancer and dendritic cells stimulate T-cell response against tumor
  46. Sep 01st, 2000
    Dendritic cells pulsed with ovarian cancer peptides stimulate specific CTL response
  47. Aug 07th, 2000
    Cancer – Engineered Dendritic Cells Enhance T-Cell Responses
  48. Jul 21st, 2000
    Vaccine based on dendritic cells appears safe in early trials of multiple myeloma
  49. Jun 30th, 2000
    CD40L-expressing dendritic cells promote tumor regression in mice
  50. Jun 15th, 2000
    Unpulsed dendritic cells can elicit antitumor effect
  51. Jun 05th, 2000
    Immunotherapy is feasible therapeutic approach to multiple myeloma
  52. Feb 03rd, 2000
    Dendritic cell vaccines being tested on astrocytomas
  53. Apr 5th, 2000
    UCLA Johnsson Cancer Center Discovery Method to Boost Immune System
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